दुग्धशाला विकास विभाग, उत्तर प्रदेश
Dairy Development Department, Uttar Pradesh

Plans Run Under The State Sector

1. Rural Infrastructure facility for Dairy Development Program

  • a. Establishment of Bulk Milk Cooler
    Under this scheme, Bulk Milk Cooler will be established in a cluster of 5-10 societies which can maintain the quality of milk by instant chilling. The chilled milk will be transported to dairy plant by vehicle/tankers.
  • b. Automatic Milk Collection Unit
    Under this scheme, Automatic Milk Collection Unit will be established in new/re-organized societies in rural area to ensure transparent milk weighing and testing based on modern scientific system and provides information about milk price on display unit to maintain trust and confidence of milk producers in societies.

2. Information technology and Computerization Scheme
Under this scheme, computer network is being established between all milk unions, training centers, regional Marketing Offices, Implementing Agencies and head office using information and communication technology to ensure uniformity in all activities.

3. Incentive to milk producer members under Cooperatives (Gokul Puraskar)
Under this scheme, cash prize of rs.51,000 to milk producers pouring highest milk in the society at district level and first prize of Rs.1.50 lakh and second prize of Rs.1.00 lakh along with a Shield containing idol of Lord Krishna is given to top two milk producers at state level to maintain healthy competition among the milk producers covered cooperative fold and motivate them to keep their animals healthy. In the financial year 2018-19, a cash prize of Rs.51, 000 to highest milk producing members at district level and 2 cash prize of Rs.2.00 lakh and Rs.1.50 lakh along with a certificate and Shield is proposed.

4. Loan to PCDF for establishment of Milk Powder Plant at Kanpur
Financial sanction of Rs.4379.50 lakh has been issued against a total outlay of Rs.4379.50 lakh comprising of Rs.3570.50 lakh in original budget provision made in the financial year 2017-18 under Grant No.16 and Rs.809.00 lakh through budget re-appropriation for setting up of a powder plant of 20 MTPD at Kanpur.

5. Loan to PCDF for its Strengthening
Financial sanction of Rs.1250.00 lakh has been issued against the budget provision of Rs.13410.00 lakh made in financial year 2017-18 for establishment of new dairy plants and renovation under dairy development program in the form of capital investment/loan. An amount of Rs.809.00 lakh and Rs.1146.00 lakh, total Rs.1955.00 lakh hs been re-ppropriated against Rs.13140.00 lakh.