दुग्धशाला विकास विभाग, उत्तर प्रदेश
Dairy Development Department, Uttar Pradesh

Dairy Schemes, Dairy Development Department, Uttar Pradesh, Dairy, milk, up dairy

Schemes Operated Under The District Sector

Strengthening, Re-organization and Expansion of Milk Unions/Societies (General/SCP)
The main objective of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to milk unions/societies to increase participation of milk producer farmers in milk production. Under the scheme, financial assistance is being provided for organization of new society, re-organization of defunct society, working capital for operation of society, managerial grant, transport subsidy, head load subsidy, other necessary equipments required at dairy plants and society, transport vehicle, establishment of dairy plants/chilling center, its expansion and purchase of lands etc.

Technical Input facility to milk producers for milk production enhancement (General/SCP)
Under this scheme, technical input facilities such as animal breeding and animal health program, viz, deworming, vaccination, breed improvement program, extension, calf-rally is being provided to all producer members of the societies in the state to enhance milk production by animal health and breed improvement. Under the scheme, dewormer and medicines for mastitis and tick control is distributed to the all milk producer members of the cooperative society of the state to keep their animals healthy and protect them from diseases under technical input program.

Farmers Training Program (General/SCP)
Under this scheme, training to A.I. Worker, Management Committee Members, A.I. Refresher, Progressive farmers, Clean Milk Production, Marketing Staff, AMCU & BMC operator etc. is imparted. In addition to this, awareness program for consumers and milk producers are also conducted.