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Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation, Uttar Pradesh

प्रादेशिक कोआपरेटिव डेयरी फेडरेशन, उत्तर प्रदेश


A Milk Cooperative, perceived as a business organization, is simply a group of people who have willingly pooled in resources and energies to pursue a common goal out of which they derive mutual benefits.

  • Uttar Pradesh is the largest milk producing state of India contributing 17 % of the total milk production of India. In the year 2010-2011, the total milk production in the state was 21033.3 thousand kg. per day.
  • A milk cooperativ society in a village in Allahabad district set up in 1918 marked the beginning of milk cooperatives in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Successful efforts gave way to formation of Lucknow Milk Union in 1938-the only Milk Union in the country - giving Uttar Pradesh the credit of being a pioneer state in the country in this segment.
  • PCDF was the chosen agency to implement the World Banks prestigious Operation Flood programme in the state.
  • Parag is the brand name for a range of milk and milk products including- Milk , Skimmed Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Butter , Ghee, and an array of indigenous milk products.
  • Cattle Feed Plants in Meerut, Varanasi and Ambedkar Nagar, are in constant operation to supply balanced diet feed for milch animals owned by farmers of the state.
  • Training centres, situated in Lucknow, Meerut, and Varanasi impart both skill and awareness based trainings.
  • Fodder Seed Processing Plant located in Aligarh, produces good quality Fodder Seeds for distribution to farmers for cultivation of good quality fodder feed for milch animals.