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Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation, Uttar Pradesh

प्रादेशिक कोआपरेटिव डेयरी फेडरेशन, उत्तर प्रदेश

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Long Gourd Kheer


    • Long Gourd : 250Gm.
    • Parag Milk : 1 Lit.
    • Milk Powder : 100Gm.
    • Sugar : 150Gm.


Peel & Gratic the Long Gourd and cook slightly. Boil the Parag Milk in open pan & add cooked Long Gogurd in a pan. Boil the contents for some time and add sugar and Parag Milk Powder. If you wish to make Halwa, add 40Gms of Powder extra & dry it further. For making Burfi also add additional 40Gms of powder extra and dry to Semisolid consistency & pour mixture into a greased open Pan. Let it cool and solidity. Cut into small pieces when set. The Kheer can easily be converted in to Halwa by drying further.