दुग्धशाला विकास विभाग, उत्तर प्रदेश
Dairy Development Department, Uttar Pradesh

Milk Head Office, Dairy Development Department, Uttar Pradesh, Dairy, milk, up dairy

Main Activity

Activities of Department
Different activities of the department can mainly be classified into 3 parts:

A. Regulatory Activities:

  • Implementation of different acts and rules such as Registration of dairy cooperatives, audit, registration, inspection of engineering works are included in it.

B. Development Activities:

  • Ensure increase in milk production along with dairy development in the state.

C. Commercial Activities:

  • Ensure milk procurement and marketing through dairy cooperatives.

Structure of Departmental Activity
Milk Commissioner is responsible for all regulatory activities of milk societies, milk unions and PCDF at apex level as departmental head and discharge the responsibility of Registrar under cooperative system.
Milk Commissioner, Uttar Pradesh also controls the budget of departmental schemes.
Cooperative activities of dairy development department are being implemented on tri-layered structure. Assistance is being provided for the organization of village dairy cooperative to ensure remunerative prices to the milk farmers for their produce facilities necessary for milk procurement. The milk is purchased from them by district/ division level milk unions. PCDF exercises effective technical and practical control over district/ division level milk unions.